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Clears acne effectively and safely, the multi action topical cream.


Acne control: Clearoff Anti-Acne Cream has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antioxidant, astringent, emollient and soothing properties, which act synergistically in the management of acne. The cream also relieves the burning and itching associated with acne.

Infection control: The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of Clearoff Anti-Acne Cream help control infection and inflammation in acne lesions.

Wound healing: The cream accelerates the healing of acne-related lesions and scars.


  • Acne vulgaris

Key ingredients:

Turmeric oil (Haridra): Curcuma enriched with Tetrahydro curcumin 98% Curcuminoids is Anti microbial, Antiseptic, Anti inflammatory which helps to clear microbial infections, reduces redness and swelling, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin and is effective in improving skin complexion and tone.

Neem oil (Nimba) is an effective blood purifier & disinfectant  that clears up skin conditions from the inside out. It helps rectify pigmentation and treats eczema, acne, scabies and skin allergies. It also clears fungal growth and pustules.

Tulasi (Basil) is considered as a tonic to retain youth and avoid aging. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Phytonutrients and the essential oils in Tulasi, are excellent anti oxidants and protects the skin from nearly all the damages caused by the free radicals. Tulasi is natural Radio protective, anti pruritic, anti stress. It is a natural sunscreen giving protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Aloevera (Kumari) has potent antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, which are beneficial in treating skin wounds, allergies and insect bites. Aloe also has soothing properties which relieve dryness , itching and increases glow.

Directions for use:

After cleansing face and neck, apply Clear off Anti-Acne Cream on acne lesions and inflamed areas, twice daily, until the lesions have completely healed.

Pack size:

30 gm

Side effects:

Clear off Anti-Acne Cream is not known to have any side effects.

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