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Amalaki / Indian Gooseberry / (Emblica officinalis)

Amalaki is a rich anti-oxidant, rejuvenative, promotes longevity, skin health, lung health, eye health and overall well being.
Amla is a pure herb extract. Amla or Amalaki contains the highest natural source of Vitamin C and cytokine like substances identified as zeatin, z. riboside, z. nucleotide. Amla also has naturally occurring bioflavonoids. It is believed that what gold is to the minerals, amla is to the herbs and is the most widely used herb in the ayurvedic system of medicine.

Amla contains 720 mg of Vitamin C for every 100g of fresh pulp or up to 900 mg of Vitamin C for every 100g of pressed juice (of a heat-stable form which does not lose its value through processing.) Since Amla also contains tannins, the dried form retains most of the vitamin content. Amla's powerful antioxidant properties were first discovered in 1936. Biochem J. 1936 Jun;30(6):1014-20.

Benefits of Amla

  • Amla is a strong rejuvenative
  • Amla supports brain functions
  • Amla detoxifies and cleanses.
  • Amla strengthens immune system
  • Amla with its strong vitamin content is very useful for scurvy
  • Amla is excellent for maintaining skin health, eyes, graying of hair.

Each capsule contains Amalaki extract - 250 mg

1 or 2 capsules twice daily or as directed  by your Health care professional.